Joomla Templates

July 2, 2016 Michael Kennon

While there are various Joomla Templates included in your Joomla! CMS platform when installed on your site you may what to explore alternative templates.

You can do a Google search with the term ‘joomla templates’ to see what else is out there. Most are not free unless included with a purchased hosting package from a hosting service provider.

Kennon Design and Parnassus Creative can custom design a Joomla Site Template for your site for a very reasonable fee compared to other providers.

We have also prepared numerous templates which you can select one to include on your Joomla platform site hosted with us included in our fees for no extra charge. We will do  some modifications to the template for no charge, ask us what can be modified for no extra charge. Visit Par­nas­sus Cre­ative — Demo Sites to see our current collection of our designed templates.