Let’s Encrypt! SSL Certificates for your website

October 2, 2016 Michael Kennon

source: DreamHost.com September 2016 Newsletter

If you’ve ever used a credit card on the web, you’re probably very familiar with the padlock icon in your browser that indicates a secure connection.

Up until a few months ago, the only way to encrypt traffic between your website and its visitors (with all the associated secure browser icons) was to shell out money for a “secure certificate.”

These virtual certificates would have the effect of authenticating your site with its visitors, forming a secure two-way tunnel between them.

The only downside? Secure certificates cost money. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 per domain, per year.

Let’s Encrypt is a project that brings those same certificates, free of charge, to anyone that wants one!

Now any website owner can get that padlock on their site with a minimum of hassle in just a few minutes.

DreamHost KB: Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Overview

If you’re not accepting credit cards on the web, why would you care?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s two words. They both rhyme with Edward Snowden.

The words are Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden brought to light the fact that, at any given time, the Internet is being monitored, recorded, and mined for information by not only the US government, but also by people with questionable motives.

We’re talking bad actors.

Real Nicolas Cage types, if you catch my meaning.

Adding a free Let’s Encrypt certificate to any of your domains is incredibly quick and easy. We’ve documented the whole process for you in our knowledge base:

DreamHost KB: How do I add a free Let’s Encrypt Certificate?