Political Campaign Season is Upon Us

September 27, 2015 Michael Kennon

If you are a candidate seeking an elected office or an organization supporting / opposing an issue on the ballot then now is the time to get your website setup and on-line.

Having your own website is a great way to get your message out for all to see. It is a cost effective method to reach the widest audience possible compared to most other professional media outlets available.

Parnassus Creative is experienced in this area of website design for political campaigns. For this season we have added several new options to our website packages. We have designed several new WordPress CMS platform demonstration sites and upgraded our Joomla! CMS platform demonstration sites to accommodate the latest in internet technology standards.

For our new WordPress demonstration sites, we have incorporated several new WordPress Themes that are flexible to fit your preferences in color schemes and feature layout options.

For our updated Joomla! demonstration sites, we have updated the core programming to the latest versions available. We can also modify / design the site’s Template for your own preferred color scheme and feature layout options.

We have a set of features for each platform which are recommended. These features not only make your site more appealing to site visitors but also make your site more manageable by you and your staff so you can focus your attention on the big picture of your campaign.

Why should you consider purchasing a campaign website package from us?

Yes, you can go very low budget by doing everything yourself but do you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to even get started without making mistakes that can cost you more money in the long run or worse yet give you and your organization an unprofessional reputation?

Other service providers can sell you similar website packages to ours but generally charge much more than we do.

Parnassus Creative can offer you:

You can find our contact information on our main website at Parnassus Creative. Additional information about our Political Campaign Website Packages is at: Parnassus Creative — Special Website Packages.

You will find that our Political Campaign Website Package prices are very affordable for even the most meager of budgets.

Source: Michael’s WordPress Blog

Source: Michael’s WP Blog