Registering Media Files on your WordPress site…

August 23, 2015 Michael Kennon

Site administrators that tried to use FTP to upload Media Files to their WordPress Platform sites find it frustrating that those uploaded files do not show in their Media Libraries. I have found a WordPress Plugin that addresses this issue quite nicely and I have successfully used it on at least one WordPress site.

Search for and install ‘Media from FTP’ in the Dashboard, Add New Plugin section for your site. The one drawback I have found so far is that it places all imported files into the current Year/Month folder on your remote server even if you have uploaded them to different folder.

Why would one want to use FTP to add media files to their WordPress site when the Media File Upload tool works very well?

Even using this native WordPress tool has its limits, mainly the file size for your media. Using an FTP connection can override most file size limits allowing for those extra large videos to be uploaded to your site’s remote server and subsequently have them registered in your Media Library.

Now if I can just find a plugin that will import video and other media files directly from another website without having to first download the file to my local system and then upload the file to the site’s remote server, any suggestions? I don’t mean just linking to the source file on another site, but to actually save a copy of the source file on the destination site.

Source: Michael’s WordPress Blog

Source: Michael’s WP Blog