Updates and Upgrades

May 29, 2017 Michael Kennon

We are pleased to announce that all of our websites and our clients’ websites have successfully received all applicable Plugin and Extension updates as of this date. Additionally, we have successfully upgraded all user accounts to PHP 7.0 for their associated websites.

The older version of PHP (5.6.x) is being phased out by the end of next year. The newer version has some dramatic revisions that allow websites to run better in regards to many technological advances being rolled out on the internet. An average visitor to your website may or may not notice the better performance at this time but will benefit from the upgrade as more of the internet advances propagate across the World Wide Web. As a site administrator, you should already be seeing faster response times and smoother operations when working in your site’s backend or Dashboard, especially with certain Plugins and Extensions that have historically been finicky in how they work.

Yes, many developers of Plugins and Extension have been in a transition period for some time to incorporate the newer version of PHP and that may have been the root cause for some of the finicky behavior. In some cases certain Plugin and Extension developers have forced the PHP upgrade issue by no longer supporting the older versions of PHP in their work – not making them backward compatible with the older PHP versions causing some of the finicky behavior.

From a site administrator’s point of view, the PHP upgrade has been very helpful. Personally I have noticed a big difference in the updating of WordPress Plugins and the Plugins response times when used with a much better performance being experienced, especially with the Akeeba Backup Plugin.

All current websites have been backed up and these files archived off-site.

If you have any questions, please contact me.