Website eCommerce Package for an On-Line Store

July 2, 2015 Michael Kennon

I am very proud to announce that I have completed the creation of a new website package to be offered via Parnassus Creative and Kennon Design.

You are invited to visit the demonstration website at: BCQ Kennon Design ( to see how it looks and feels for potential site visitors.

  • This new website package is for retailers wanting an On-Line Store for their merchandise being sold to the public.
  • The website platform is WordPress, which is very easy for most people to learn.
  • The WooCommerce WordPress Plugin is used to handle the specifics of the on-line store functions.
  • This also uses the free business account version of PayPal to Securely handle the on-line monetary transactions with only minimal transaction fees to the merchant – the least expensive available on the internet for this feature.
  • Parnassus Creative offers website hosting and domain name registrations for this package at surprising affordable prices.
  • Kennon Design will work with clients to complete the site setup and add your product inventory at even more surprising affordable rates.
  • And of course the Parnassus Creative Client Help site will have all of the documentation available for the DIY’s clients to gain the skills and knowledge to do all of this for themselves.

Contact me directly about any questions you may have and if you know of anyone else looking for something like this, please feel free to put them in touch with me.