Akeeba Backup for WordPress Updates

August 23, 2015 Michael Kennon

For reasons I have not found the answers to yet, my favorite full site backup WordPress Plugin is no longer listed on the WordPress Plugins Directory, nor are updates available via the normal plugin updating functions. The same developer’s Joomla extension is still working in their Extensions Directory and their updates are working as desired.

The last Akeeba Backup for WordPress Core available was version 1.3.4, however the current version available directly from the developer is 1.4.2.

To do the current update you must first download the ZIP file from: http://cdn.akeebabackup.com/downloads/backupwp/1.4.2/akeebabackupwp-core.zip.

Make sure you have downloaded any Backups currently on your site prior to deactivating the older version.

Then you must upload the new file via the normal Add New Plugin section of your site’s Dashboard. Once uploaded, you must then Deactivate and Delete the older version prior to Activing the updated version.

Remember to do the Configuration Wizard function followed by checking any custom settings you may have had in the older version such as the Public API settings in the System Configuration section.

One nice feature in the latest version is the addition of a Check for Update for the plugin in the main page of the plugin. Hopefully this will eliminate the problems encountered with the no listing in the WordPress Plugins Directory.

If you have never installed Akeeba Backup for WordPress Core on your WordPress site you may use the same procedures described above of course skipping the deactivate and delete the previous version steps.

It is our practice to install this plugin on all of our client’s sites and will continue to do so unless we find a reason not to. It will take a bit of time for us to do this update on all of client’s sites, so we ask that you be patient with us on this issue.

Source: Michael’s WordPress Blog

Source: Michael’s WP Blog